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We are Amy Lancashire and Katie Peacock, the founders of The Mindset Sisters. 

Join us on your journey to finally achieving the goals you once set but never thought possible. We are creating a community of likeminded and ambitious individuals, who are ready to keep you accountable and celebrate every success as you reach your goals and become the very best version of yourself. 

It would be the greatest pleasure to welcome you to our fantastic tribe today.

Love Always, 

The Mindset Sisters 

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 Limitless Coaching

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Unleash Your Limitless Potential in Just 6 Weeks

Are you ready to:

  • Empower yourself¬†to unlock your dream life¬†faster than ever?
  • Transform your mindset and belief system¬†with personalized 2:1 coaching from supportive sisters?
  • Discover your inner strength and goddess¬†to achieve¬†confidence and alignment¬†with your biggest goals?
  • Embrace abundance¬†and tap into¬†unlimited possibilities¬†in all areas of life?

Our Limitless Coaching Program offers:

  • Two experienced coaches¬†for¬†double the guidance, energy, and fun
  • Three personalized coaching sessions¬†tailored to¬†your unique needs
  • Powerful tools and strategies¬†to¬†crack the code for limitless living

Join our supportive community and start your journey to a limitless you today!

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Free Vision Board Masterclass

Saturday 30th December at 10am

*Now Closed* (we want to make this session as interactive as possible, so we have limited the numbers on this occasion)

Are you ready to unleash your inner creative goddess and manifest your wildest dreams? Join our Vision Board Workshop, where we'll turn your goals into a colourful, inspiring masterpiece!

This workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to:

Get clear and focused on their 2024 goals and be prepped to turn their New Year's Dreams dreams into reality.

 Bring a little more colour and fun into their life.

 Manifest their destiny like a boss.

Join a Sisterhood of dreamers and doers. 


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Quantum Leap Meditation

This powerful meditation technique can help you shift your reality and manifest what has once always been a dream, into your current reality. 
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Goal Getters Guide 

Dreaming of achieving those audacious goals but feel stuck in the "someday" zone? This free guide is your launchpad to action!


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A Guide To Affirmations

When you change the way you speak to yourself, your whole world begins to change. Make this a daily practice and feel the difference. Affirm it.    
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Podcast Episode We Know You Will Love

Have you ever felt that tug in your gut? That whisper in your ear that somethings just not right? We've all been there, and in this conversation, we are pulling back the veil on the divine feminine intuition. 


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This podcast is designed to help you scale your success, fast.

Every weekday, we'll teach you how to attract everything you desire, from mindset shifts to manifestation techniques.



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The Mindset Sisters - CLUB is a global community of women who are committed to empowering each other to live their best lives. We believe that all women have the power to achieve their dreams, and we are here to support each other on the journey.