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Hi, I'm Amy. 

My earliest memory is of being at home, playing games and having so much fun with my family. I think that in itself is what my happiness and fulfilment is based upon, and what I thrive for daily. I was fortunate to travel the world from an early age and this really opened my eyes up to the possibilities that life had to offer. I am an only child and really worked hard to be liked by all, the people pleaser in me still tries to make an appearance. Educating myself in Manifestation and the power of your Mindset, really was the pinnacle turning point for me. I have always lived by the elements of Law of Attraction and Law of Vibration but I did not know the depths of which we had the power to create our own realities. Harnessing this power and building my belief systems has led me to dream jobs, a gorgeous husband, dream home, holidays, cars, and so much more. I now want to share the wealth of knowledge we have with other like minded women. I enjoy the journey everyday as I know my future is to my desires! 

Hi, I'm Katie. 

You wouldn't guess it now, but I was a wild child - a free spirit that knew no boundaries, but ultimately, I spent many years in a downward spiral surrounded by the wrong people. That was the path I was headed on until one day in 2013, I was handed the wildly popular book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. I quickly realised that I was in complete control of my own reality and started to change the world around me with the power of my thoughts, feelings and beliefs - soon after finishing the book I had manifested a totally different life for myself. I have a big family who I love endlessly, a beautiful and kind 11 year old daughter and an incredible Fiancé - who has the most powerful manifesting abilities of anyone I have ever known. My life would be totally fulfilled if I could help other women achieve a life they have always dreamt of, and because of the crazy path it took me to get here - there is never any judgement.