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Day 12 of Sis'mas: Power of New Moon Energy for Manifestation and Celebrating The Wins

Ready to unleash the power of the new moon for manifestation? This is your chance! As we bid farewell to our 12-day Sismas journey, we take a moment to ponder upon the highs and lows, things we're proud of, and those we seek to change. We recollect and share our experiences, guiding you through the mystical world of shadow work to help shed old traumas and limiting beliefs. A simple ritual to harness the Sagittarius new moon energy is also on the cards where you'll learn to set intentions for what's to come.

Celebrate with us as we share stories of our triumphant moments - from bidding adieu to vaping to conquering new heights in running. This isn't just about careers or financial goals, it's about triumphs of all shapes and sizes. We delve into how the mindset harnessed for running echoes in various facets of life. Adding a cherry on this Sismas cake, we bring you scintillating news about an event coming up in early 2024. Gratitude flows aplenty as we thank you for the phenomenal company you've been during these 12 days of Sismas. Be sure not to miss this episode pulsating with empowering discussions and insightful messages!