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Unlocking your manifestations by listening to your inner voice

Season #1 Episode #21

Unlock the transformative power of your intuition in this enlightening episode. We're sharing how a seemingly random chiropractor visit led us down a path of personal enlightenment, unearthing a profound manifestation moment from our past. We also explore the mind-bending concept of the "big sister" and "little sister" inside our brains, revealing how conflict resolution is linked with our subconscious and conscious minds. 

Ever felt your ego and fear tricking you into playing it safe? We've been there too. Join us as we unravel the importance of continuous learning and personal development in shattering these barriers. We’re tackling how to rewire our brain, stepping beyond the confines of our conscious mind. Plus, we're exposing the impact of materialism on our personal growth, discussing how glitz and glamour can sometimes skew our contentment. 

Lastly, let's travel back to our childhood days as we delve into the influence of childhood trauma on our subconscious minds. We’ll share about the importance of acknowledging our lives in chapters, inviting you to release past traumas and build self-trust. We wrap up with a discussion on unleashing intuition to overcome anxiety and unlock our full potential. So tune in, as we journey through the power of the mind, the importance of intuition, and the freedom that comes from overcoming anxiety. It's time to unlock your best self.