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How To BELIEVE When Goals Feel Out Of Reach & Blockers Pop Up

Season #1 Episode #25

Ever wondered how to climb out of a slump and reignite the fire for your goals? We've all been there—your motivation wanes, and those resolutions seem like mountains. Well, buckle up, Mindset family, because in this session, we're not just shooting the breeze; we're giving you the battle-tested tactics that have powered us through the brain fog and right back into beast mode. From the thrill of overcoming Blue Monday and Quitter's Day to the awe-inspiring power of manifestation and visualization, we're laying it all out. Personal triumphs, morning runs that turn the tide, and the sheer magic of tuning into life's little wins—it's a full-on strategy session to make your subconscious your most potent ally.

But let's get real, keeping that inner zen in the face of goal-chasing chaos is no joke. So we're getting up close and personal with tales of our own sensitivity struggles and dishing out the lowdown on becoming non-reactive. Imagine the freedom of not being shackled by others' opinions, of embracing the notion that words and actions reflect on the speaker, not you. We're diving into the depths of "The Four Agreements," sharing wisdom on why your self-worth shouldn't hang on someone else's nod of approval, and revealing how self-affirmation can be your secret weapon.

As we wrap up this heart-to-heart, remember, my friends, you are your own rallying squad. We're peeling back the curtain on the true grit it takes to stay the course, the peril of procrastination, and why sometimes the toughest path is the one that'll take you to the stars. We're not just talking about success; we're inviting you to redefine it, own it, and bask in the glow of your achievements—no outside applause needed. And for those who want to delve deeper into the art of goal-setting and crushing it, our Patreon is the place to be. Let's lock arms and charge at those dreams together, one step, one breath, one victory at a time.