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Spill The Tea Sisters: Unfiltered Chat!

Season #1 Episode #27

Ever felt like January lasts an eternity? Amy and I sure have, and we're spilling the tea on how this endless month turned into a season of success. Gather 'round for our latest unfiltered chat where we mull over the serene days spent indulging in self-care, from the art of solo shopping to the bliss of pampering and catching up with old pals. We’ll also let you in on how 'Dream Home Makeover' has sparked our interior design dreams, stirring up a storm of creativity for our own home havens.

Transformations are at the heart of this episode, as I share my trials with skin conditions and the unexpected holistic remedies that became my savior. Brace yourself for a candid exploration of the emotional twists and turns of our ever-shifting hormones, including the deep dive into how ditching birth control can rejig our emotional balance. Amy and I peel back the layers of how life’s tumults have reshaped our perspectives, emerging like butterflies with a peaceful poise that only years and wisdom can bestow.

As if that's not enough, you’re invited to the wild world of event planning! We'll take you behind the scenes of a baby shower for 31 (shellfish allergies and all) and tease the excitement of Scott's drag queen brunch for his 40th birthday. Lastly, I take you on my journey towards financial enlightenment, from kicking my impulsive buying to the curb to reveling in the simple joy of coffee as a luxury, not a necessity. Join us as we reveal how embracing purposeful spending can lead to a more authentic and fulfilled life.